Events - MLGMA Summer Workshop 2010
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Presentations (PDF)

Economic Forecast for the State of Michigan - Matt McCauley


Economic Trends Facing Michigan - Mark Wyckoff


ICMA - Daryl Delabbio


ICMA Ethics - Martha Perego


Michigan's Defining Moment -Nancy Short


Millage - Jeff Mueller


Millage - Steve Mitchell


State of Michigan Budget Issues - Mark Haas


SVSU - Monica Reyes



ICMA Credentialing (PDF)


Tax Chart (xls)


City of Lathrup Village Headlee Override Millage Proposal Door Hanger (PDF)


Welcome to the 2010 MLGMA Summer Conference at Crystal Mountain! For those of us who have just completed our budgets or for those who are just starting the process, this year’s theme will ring true for all of us in local government: “Survivor Michigan, Extreme Budgets, Politics, Ethics and Challenges.”


The 2010 summer planning committee has developed a series of unique educational sessions that will assist us all in surviving Michigan’s extreme economy. Educational session topics will range from financial/economic forecasts for Michigan, ethical challenges, millage elections, to credentialed manager opportunities.


As in the past, the summer conference is also about enjoying time with family. A number of activities have been developed from shopping in Traverse City, canoeing/kayaking, scavenger hunts, to Great Lakes salmon fishing. Come enjoy Crystal Mountain, one of Northern Michigan’s finest resorts, and all that northwest Michigan has to offer during the MLGMA Summer Conference from July 27-30, 2010.