To participate in the listserv, you must be a MME member and then click the link below:

Join the List

To post a message to the MME listserv, you must first join the list. Then create an email to Add a subject line and body content, then send. You will receive a copy of your email confirming that your message has been posted to the listserv.

To access the MME Archives, or for questions on how to use the listserv, please contact Andy Kukla or phone 734-669-6367.

About the Listserv

In a joint venture with the Michigan Municipal League, MME now has its own Listserv available to members of MME.  This technology utilizes e-mail to enhance communications.  Whereas traditional e-mail is ideal for one-on-one interaction, e-mail lists advance the concept a step further by disseminating a single message simultaneously to a group of people.

The MME Listserv is a confidential forum for members of MME only.  Since it utilizes e-mail as the communications mode, participants should be aware that the e-mail address you use when you join the list will be the address where posted messages will be delivered.  If you do not wish to have these Listserv messages delivered to your personal or business e-mail address, then you should consider creating a free e-mail account on a web hosted e-mail service such as hotmail, yahoo, etc.

If you are having trouble with any part of the sign up process or posting messages, please contact the List Manager at

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